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Polishing aluminum rails

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  • Polishing aluminum rails

    So I think I've got the basics. Started with 80 then 180 then 220 then 320 and now 400. My question comes back to wheels and compounds. All I have is a tight wound wheel for cutting and right now I'm using the black emory compound. Would the sisal wheel help? Would this pickup the cut? I'm assuming I will get all of the previous scratches out? Where should I go after the emory? Brown or White on the soft wheel?



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    Re: Polishing aluminum rails


    Start with the sandpaper that will do the job with out leaving real deep scratches. I'd start with 180 or 220. Do a small area and then go to 320 and buff. See how it looks. If you still have scratches use 400 or 600 grit and try again.

    The sisal wheel with emory cuts the fastest.
    The sisal wheel with stainless compound would be next, ETC.
    The sewn wheel with emory cuts less that the sisal wheel with emory, ETC.

    The harder the wheel the faster the cut.
    Steps: Use the sewn wheel with emory then use a new sewn wheel with tripoli and then the loose wheel with white!

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