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    I'm trying to polishing a few covers from my Harley. I used 100 grit sandpaper all the way up to 600 grit to remove any scratches I saw. I then started using the black compound. Now I'm not sure if I'm using the wrong sp[ped tool or not. I'm not really seeing much results. The tool I'm trying to polish with is an air powered grinder rated at 25,000 rpm. Is this too much tool for my application?

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    rpm speed

    First off you should not have started with 100 grit, rather 320 or 400, because it will be very hard to get all the deep scratches out from the 100 grit. Anyhow, I think you should go a little farther with your sanding say up to 1000. I assume you want a mirror finish so just be patient and make sure you sand out the scratches from the previous grit. About the RPM's there is a chart in caswells website that will give you an equation for figuring out the speed. I belive it is in the polishing manual. What size wheels are you using? Good luck