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Fins on my bike

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  • mcaswell
    Use a loose cotton wheel to get into those fins.

    It's probably anodized. The anodize/chrome stripper we sell will remove anodize and paint also.

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  • Venture
    started a topic Fins on my bike

    Fins on my bike

    I have a Yamaha Venture with fake fins that you can remove. I have taken them off and I am going to polish them. I have recently bought everything that I need to polish them from you guys (6" sisal, 6" spiral, 6" loose, and black and brown compounds.) Just wondering what I could use to get far back into the back of the fins, there is some parts that go in like 3" or so? There is also a grey like paint on them that is very hard, is this the anodizing? Thanks for the help.