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A few polishing questions

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  • A few polishing questions

    Thanks for hosting this forum. A couple questions if I may.

    1. In specific terms such as square inches, how often to rake the buff, assuming compound is applied at a reasonable rate? Is it helpful to occasionally run a cloth rag across the buff to remove accumulated compound?
    2. Should one ever wash the buffing wheels?
    3. If there is that black residue on the piece, how best to remove it? And am I right that it means too much compound?
    4. Finally, regarding the VHT clear coat, is chipping or flaking a concern? Could you powder coat with clear after polishing? It seems that a clear powder coat would be the best option.

    Thanks, Ken

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    1. I don't really understand the question. Once the buffing wheel gets matted with compound, use the rake.

    2. No.

    3. Buff it with a clean buff. Yes, this is too much compound.

    4. Sure, you could powder coat it.
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