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    I'm looking to polish some aluminum wheels from my 96 Impala SS. The wheels are fine, but the clear coat is scratched/peeling in a few areas. I have read most of the posts on the forum about it and I'm stuck about which kit to buy. I know Caswell offers an aluminum wheel kit with the flex drive for about $150 (which requires a high speed drill) and a .75 HP buffing machine kit for about $150 (if you buy the stand that goes with it). I have another set of wheels I can do from my truck and I was thinking of polishing my intake, air plenum, etc. from both.

    So, which kit makes the most sense? If I use the wheel kit, I won't have to dismount and remount the tires on the rims, but I have to get a high speed drill. If I buy the buffing machine, I think I would have an easier time with the intake, air plenum, etc., but I imagine trying to buff and polish wheels while holding them could be a chore. I don't have any experience (yet), so I'm looking for a couple of opinions. Thanks!

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    You should start out with just a high speed drill. I wouldn't even bother buying a flex shaft until you find out whether you need it or not. A drill is your most versatile and economical alterative. You could then add on an arbor shaft later which can spin 4"sewn buffs and 6"loose buffs.

    I would purchase:

    Greaseless compound kit:
    Large Black, Brown, White bar of buffing compound:
    Arbor adapter:
    Eight 4" cotton sewn buffing wheels and two 6" cotton sewn buffs:
    Two 4" and one 6" Sisal wheel:
    Two 6" Loose cotton buffs:
    Assorted felt bob kit:

    All that and a lot of time and patience should produce some good results.


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      Drill recommendation?

      Thanks Marsfrogie for the advise. I'll look into it as soon as I move. Seems that I got a new job in Arizona, so I will have to wait until I get there. I agree that the drill sounds like the right way to go. I was leaning towards it anyway. Got any recommendations as to who makes a drill to fit the bill? Thanks again!