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Handheld Polishers

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  • saiyan7
    handheld polishers

    I have that polisher. It is plenty powerful for any polishing job. You cannot put anything more than a 60ply buffing wheel on it though. It is the same one that Caswell used to sell. Great tool. Iknow you can't really see the polish job here, but I used it for this and many other bikes. I would have more pictures of this bike, but I wrecked it shortly thereafter.

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  • rpen
    started a topic Handheld Polishers

    Handheld Polishers

    I'm looking at some handheld polishers, in particular a Makita 10 amp.

    Anyone have experience with these? Do they have enough power to stack 2 or more wheels on it, or is it even possible? Just thinking it would speed up polishing of bigger items.