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Grinders as Buffing Wheels

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  • Grinders as Buffing Wheels

    Hi, just found your website and think it's great. I'm new to metal finishing and having a lot of fun. I'm trying to restore my 1984 Viragoxv. I'm using an 1/2 hp grinder with 8" wheels. I find that after about 20 min. of work it gets very hot and it takes a long time to cool down. Do these motors normally run hot. It's a 120V 3A 1/2 hp grinder @ 3600 RPM. Results on the metal are good but slow.

    Thanks for any comments.


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    Is it a bench grinder or a handheld angle grinder?


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      Bench grinder with two wheels.


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        I use a 1/2hp bench grinder with 6 and 8" wheels and yeah it gets pretty hot, but I think they are made to take it. Work goes pretty damn quick with the 8" wheels though, maybe you aren't using enough pressure.


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          I am using a 6" bench grinder that gets fairly hot but as long as you dont see smoke than it should be ok. Make sure that you are using quality buffs and compounds. When I switched products, I got incredible results.
          With my 6", I am flying through my parts. With an 8", you should be as well. Make sure that the parts have been properly prepped by sanding thoroughly. This makes the polishing process a lot quicker, easier, and smoother and you will get the desired mirror finish that you are looking for.