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16 Ga. Copper and Stainless

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  • 16 Ga. Copper and Stainless

    Hi Guys, I have been polishing for a few months now and have just reorderd buffs. Most every thing I have polished was solid copper or aluminum and turned out excelent!! (I too was having the cloud effect and came to the conclusion that it was a combination of temp, and too much compound)

    Now I am starting to play with Stainless Steel and Copper sheet metal, but am having trouble with warpage. On the first peice I used a 6" (worn down sisal with black then Sprial/black, Sprial Brown, Sprial White, Sprial blue. Of course I cought an edge, so back to the plasma cutter and start over. The pices are about 4' long by 6" wide so I have to do it on a bench with a 3/4 HP Makita 6" hand grinder. Any tips on thin material?

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    It is going to warp, it is unavoidable.


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      After a bit of trial and error I found that buffing the back side of the material warped it in the oposite direction close to it's orgional form.