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tools needed to polish the frames of motorcycles

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  • chem_man3
    Necessary tools

    I started with a 6" bench grinder and corded drill. Make sure that your bench grinder turns 3400+ RPM and has about a 1/2HP rating. Make sure that it also has a fair amount of amperage. Your drill should be able to turn more than 3200+ RPM underload. Dont use 4" or smaller buffs unless you really have to. Stick with 6" and 8" QUALITY buffs. Also, make sure that you are use quality compounds. It DOES make a difference. Using these 2 items makes buffing very economical.

    Good luck. I am in the process of finishing up on polishing my bike. I did not do the frame, but I did just about everything else.

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  • tools needed to polish the frames of motorcycles

    I just started to polish motorcycle frames, by hand and it takes to long for the ammount of bikes I have coming in and I want to use some thing that will speed up my production. what are the best tools for me to use and I dont want to spend a whole lot of money right now.