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    Hi there

    I'm doing a mirror finish on a Harley stainless disk brake. I do about 5 every weeks, and it takes me around 90 min. to do one. The company who gives me those disk says that i'm taking to much time to do it. They said to me that it should take me 60 min. to do one or less and they don't want to pay more because of that.

    To do a disk I start with 220 grit grinder 12 min.
    400 grit grinder 14 min.
    600 grit grinder 12 min.
    Grey for stainless compound 36 min. 12" spiral 1/4" stitch
    Green for stainless compound 10 min. 12" spiral 1/4" stitch
    Blue rouge compound 6 min. 8" spiral Flannel 1" stitch

    If you have any suggestion I will take it

    tkx everybody

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    Try using a dual action sander for flat areas. That should cut the metal down quite quickly for your sanding steps.


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      Tkx for the hints marsfrogie, but Idon't seem to know or find a dual action sander in Caswell. Can you please help me with the therm.(sorry but I'm french). Just A photo will help me a lot


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        We don't sell such an item. Try Harbor Freight tools at
        Mike Caswell
        Caswell Inc
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