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Steel tube polishing?

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  • Steel tube polishing?

    I have a couple of intake tubes that were powder coated. I had them glass beaded. I sanded them down starting with some 80,120,220,320. When I went to polish I still see the small small pits from the blasting. Is there a compound that will get these out?

    Thanks Newbe....

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    Try the greaseless on a spiral sewn wheel.
    Mike Caswell
    Caswell Inc
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      What ones do you recommend? I have some old Eastwood compounds I have been working with. What ones of yours do you recommend ,and I will buy them.

      My next project is goint to try to polish my supercharger, It's aluminum .I noticed in the casting that it was very rough. Should I use the greaseless compounds on that too? What should I use to get int the tight places? Sorry so many questions......


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        You should start almost any job you have with the greaseless compounds. You shouldn't have any pits from the bead blasing process. If you have pits, they are most likely rock dings and such. You can remove them by block sanding or using greaseless compounds. Caswell's compounds are the best value. Even if you are signed up with Eastwoods buyer's club. So, Caswell is the best choice for all polishing supplies.


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          Thanks. They are small pits from the Glass beeding process. I can sand them out but it takes forever then I have to sand down the scraches. Steel Is a VERY hard metal to sand. If the greaseless compound works then great. I order some........


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            I ordered all the greaseless compounds........One other question.....After I use the greaseless 320 could I just go to black compound? Will the black take out the scraches from the 240 greaseless? Thanks all


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              I have been able to go straight to black with no problem after 240.