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Greaseless or Sandpaper???

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  • Greaseless or Sandpaper???

    I'm new to polishing and I would like to know if the greaseless compounds will take the place of sanding(on a bike frame)

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    Absolutely, they save hours upon hours of work compared to hand sanding.


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      i have to agree with marsfrogie, but i will ad this, the greasless is great but the only downfall is ive only seen it go up to 320 grit. which you still need to hand sand from their, but it does save a lot of time


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        Thanks for the information!I have another question.Do I need to use aluminum oxide sandpaper all the way to 1500 or will regular body sanpaper work? The reason I ask is all I can find up here in alaska is 320 grit aluminum oxide paper. Thanks again and I will post a before and after pic of my bike.


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          You should be able to go to emery after 320 grit. It should not be necessary to wetsand past 600 by hand.


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            bummer that means i would have been done with sanding 3 weeks ago o well the extra steps to 1500 kept me busy for a while....wher were u before i started....DOH

            and for your question i dont think the higher grits i.e 400-2000 are made with aluminum oxide i could be wrong, but caswell sell's all kinds of sandpaper below is the link!


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              It would only be necessary to sand to 2000 if you were taking the maintenance standard approach of using a hand polish. || The sandpaper could be Silicon Dioxide.