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How do you use greaseless?

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  • How do you use greaseless?

    I think i'm not using the greaseless the right way. Because when I apply the greaseless on my spiral wheel it last for about 15 sec. If somebody can give me some hint on how to use it, I will be more then happy.


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    Make sure that the compound is slightly chilled. It applies to the wheel much better when it is less than 60 degrees. Press the greaseless compound against a wheel spinning at about 2000 RPM's until the wheel is completely coated with red compound. If you leave the wheel running the compound will dry faster. It should be ready to use in about 5 minutes if you leave the wheel running. Should last for about 5-15 minutes of use before another application is required.


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      Tkx for the hint marsfrogie, but after the greaseless is gone, I have to wait for another 5 minutes every time. It's going to take me for ever to do my part at this pace. The best deal is to work with two machines, while you are working with one the other is drying out.


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        That is the idea, a set of buffing wheels on both sides of your buffing machine. The only other alterative for high speed metal removal is a sanding belt.