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Polished wheel pics!

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  • Polished wheel pics!

    Finally some pics of my wheels. This was really my first attempt at polishing anything so there was lots of experimenting with compounds, equipment, etc. Finally settled on chemical stripping of the powdercoat, 120 grit flapwheel to knock down most of the casting marks and raised lettering, followed by 120 grit greaseless on a 4" buff to get the rest of the casting marks(oh how I hate casting marks ) then up through the greaseless and polishing compounds. I'm using a 4" anglegrinder that spins 10,000rpm with a shaft extender to fit 2-3 4" buffs on it. 4" buffs work great at 10,000rpm! All compounds and buffs were from Caswell. I grabbed the angle grinder from harbor Freight for $18!!

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    I don't see the pictures? If you want to send them to us, you can use our Upload tool at You can then link to them on our site.
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      Good job, they look nice.


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        Thanks. It was almost harder getting the pictures up than polishing the wheel! Hopefully the back wheel will come out even better.


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          Now that they are looking good you need something on them to keep them from oxidizing.
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