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Does size really matter?

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  • Does size really matter?

    I looked up the aluminum polishing kit to polish some stuff on my bike and my IROC wheels. The kit comes with 4" wheels. I read in the search that it takes more to buff with smaller wheels. Can I use a 6" or 8" wheel with my electric drill?


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    It's all about SFPM:

    For best results your wheel should maintain a surface speed of between 3600 & 7500 Surface Feet Per Minute. (SFPM). The higher your speed, the better and quicker your results.

    Formula for calculating surface speed of wheel in SFPM.

    SFPM = 1/4 x diameter of Wheel x RPM (revs of spindle per min.)

    Therefore an 8" wheel @ 3600 RPM =2 x 3600 = 7200SFPM.

    However, your drill may not be able to spin 6" or 8" wheels because it may not have enough power. If you can press a wheel against the part you're buffing without stopping the motor, you're safe.
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