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  • Stainless Steel Help, Please

    We have a brushed, stainless steel refrigerator that has some discoloring from an adhesive (pics 1 and 2), along with some surface scratches (visible in all pics - see web link below). I have tried barkeepers friend, stainless steel magic, and hopes silver polish to polish out the scratches and stains, but they do not seem to work. They actually seem to scratch it a little more, and take off a coating that leaves a black residue on the cloth I am using. So, I was wondering if there is really anything I can do to make it look better? For instance, will the green stainless steel compound and a spiral sewn wheel mounted on a portable drill work? Any ideas

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    To remove sanding scratches from stainless, start out using a sisal buffing wheel with the Super Sisal Compound #F515-6154. You can then work your way up to a spiral sewn cotton buff using the All Purpose Stainless Compound, F-515-6147.

    For a final high luster finish, use a loose cotton buffing wheel or canton flannel buff with the F515-6113 White Lightning Rouge.

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      I don't tink you should use compound to remove the scratch. It's not a mirror finish you want but a brush finish. I would use a surface conditionnar medium with a hand pad or you can use a wood block with green blendex. Just gently rub the surface where the scratch is, be patient it's stainless it's hard and long to do. You have to press harder where the scratch is and gently remove the pressure when you are getting further from the scratch.

      Good luck


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        Before you try anything else, try rubbing it with OOOO steel wool. It will clean without scratching. If that won't take it off then you can try more drastic measures.
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          rub it with scotch brite and cooking oil.