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question on sandblasting off chrome

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  • question on sandblasting off chrome

    Is media blasting the best way to remove old chrome on auto parts. I have many trim pieces ect. that need to be refinished on a 67 cadillac hearse.
    What type of media works the best? and what type of setup would I need? There is a setup on Ebay for $90.00

    10 gallon, 40 pound capacity media tank.(20"tall x 12"dia.)
    Spray valve with 4 nozzle sizes.(9/64", 1/8", 7/64", 3/32")
    Media filler funnel.
    Protective hood with viewing window.
    10' long hose.
    Water separator, pressure gauge, pop-off pressure relief valve, valves at air inlet, sand outlet, and at nozzle.
    Teflon wheels for portability.
    0-150PSI overall capacity, 65-125PSI operating pressure, 6-25 working CFM.
    Overall dimensions are 33-1/2"H x 18-3/4"L x 13"W

    Would this be ok for removing chrome?
    maybe silly question, But I am new to this and don't want to buy the wrong stuff.


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    Yes, that will remove chrome alright. The best media for removing chrome prior to polishing would be glass beads, because they won't gouge the part. However, glass beads are expensive, and if you don't have a reclaim blaster you will be spending quite a bit of money. You can use regular blasting sand, but you will have to spend more time buffing the metal. You do run a risk of warping the metal. But that shouldn't be much of a problem with the chrome because you will be clipping it back down anyway.