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  • Vibratory Tumblers

    I was checking out the vibratory tumblers in caswell site. And I was asking myself, is this little machine can give the same result like a hand polishing finish. If yes, how come don't we (the polisher) use this machine instead of hand polishing. If somebody outhere have a vibo machine give me your impression and tell me what is the limit of the machine.


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    vib polish

    We use the vib as a starting point for hand polishing, removing machine lines ,dings,dents etc. if money and time isnt an issue maybe you could ,i havent seen it out of a vib,now ive seen it from a centrifugal barrel finishing system but its a very costly way to go


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      Vibratory Tumbler

      I use vib tumblers for restoring small antique clock parts when the shape makes it difficult or impossible to hand buff. Sometimes the vib tumbler, with the right medium (corn cob and Flitz polish) can also bring up the shine a notch after machine buffing, and remove light buff marks. I find it takes too long for a vib tumbler to work a part from a flat surface to a polished luster to ever replace machine buffing, but for oddly shaped parts, it’s the best thing for what I do.---Ken