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polishing my GSXR frame

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  • polishing my GSXR frame

    OK this website has me confused.In one area I'm told to use emory bar then tripoli bar.In another area I'm told to use a white rouge after tripoli.I've tried it all(black magic rouge,xtra dry cut/color compound,emory and tripoli)and can't get it right.I usually end up with a good shine but can't get rid of the streaks.Please let me know what the best method and product is so I can finish this project.Also,is clearcoat remover going to help surface prep?Thanks.

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    First make sure that you remove any trace of clearcoat on your part to polish.

    After that it depends how is the condition of your part, do you have deep scratch or it is free of deep scratch.

    Always test buffing with softer compound before more agressif compound, you will save lots of time. For exemple try with Tripoli if it is not agressif enough go with emery. By the way Emery is more agressif then tripoli.

    hope this will help.
    good luck