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  • Plastic polishing

    Didn't know what forum to ask this in, sorry. What is the best way/products to polish plastic? I have a pull choke knob, and shifter knob on a car I am restoring that has seen the effects of age and handling. They are made of hard black plastic, but now have a dull graying look. Is there anything that can help? Thanks.

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    PLASTIC-GLO (Ultra Fine, dry grade)

    P-22 Plastic-Glo is an ultra-fine cutting and high coloring compound for bringing out a smooth, brilliant finish on practically every type of plastic. No. P-22 is a pure white compound on the very dry side. Will not glaze on the buff or load up compound into crevices or recesses of the work. Being exceptionally fine, it will not scratch the softest plastic. Nothing better for producing the very finest finishes on transparent plastics.

    Quantity Product Code Name Grade Price
    PROD F515-6163 Plastic-Glo (Ultra Fine, Dry Grade) P-22 $11.50

    Use on a loose cotton wheel.
    Mike Caswell
    Caswell Inc
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      Thanks for the response. Does that work on colored plastic as well? The description indicated transparent, so i just want to make sure. Also, does it take to the wheel easily being so dry and ultra fine? Thanks again.