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Help with Polishing Tools....Newbie!!!

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  • Help with Polishing Tools....Newbie!!!

    I am looking to purchase something to polish my truck rims and some parts on my 250R Fourtrax. Anyone have any suggestions on what type of tool I should get. I would prefer something fairly small and handheld. The rims on my Fourtrax are only 10". I was looking at Die Grinders. Would 1/3 HP and 25000 RPM be enough power? Let me know what specs I should look for? I would really appreciate any help! This is a great website!!!!

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    Polishing a wheel with a die grinder would be serious work. You need a flexible shaft tool with at leats 1/2 HP.


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      A decent 1/2" drill and a flexible shaft should be plenty. I've done wheels on 3 of my vehicles with this setup and 2 full sets of Douglas wheels on my Banshee. Works like a charm


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        a flex shaft will be your better overall tool and it can also be used in a lot more application than a die grinder. i asked a full time metal polisher once if you had to give up every tool you have which one would you keep and it was his flex shaft tool he would never give up.