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getting a perfect finish

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  • getting a perfect finish

    first off,i cant believe i found a polishing forum,how problem:getting a perfect finish on aluminum.i polish big rigs and have no problems with the sanding and cutting part to get the metal shiny,the problem is when i go to the coloring to finish the job.i get a perfect reflection w/depth and clairity,but at different angles/lighting there are kind of a goldish clouds visable on the metal.i seem to have the most trouble with large,flat area's on sheet aluminum.what is it and what causes it?

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    Re: getting a perfect finish

    Could be compound residue? What are you using to color?
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      Re: getting a perfect finish

      I know, a polishing forum has been long overdue. I am polishing motorcycles and the initial cutting part or clearcoat stripping is the hard part for me. Any advice? also, when you are doing big rigs do you clear coat when you are done and if so, does it look good with the clear on the finished piece? Any help you can give me would be much appreciated.