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Question about buffing speeds

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  • Question about buffing speeds

    On one of the Caswell links I read that the recommended speeds in surface feet is 3500 to 7200. For green compound on stainless (thin car trim panels) using a 10 inch soft, cotton wheel, which would be a better speed: 4300 sf or 8500 sf? In other words, is the 8500 sf too fast for some reason? I wouldn't have thought so but after reading the above recommendation, now I'm not sure.

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    Yes you would want to use the lower buffing speed to reduce the risk of warping the piece.


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      The trim I am polishing is from a 1954 car so it is reasonably thick and not too subject to warpage. I thought heat was my friend in polishing so if the piece warmed up a little so much the better. Also, it is a soft cotton wheel so the pressure on the wheel will be minimal. Thanks for the previous post but I guess I'm just amazed that 3400 rpm spindle speed and a 10 inch wheel are too much.


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        You should be fine then. I use 3450 spindle speed with 6 to 10" buffs and it all works fine for me.