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heavy degreaser?

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  • heavy degreaser?

    i used a degreaser the other day 2 clean the swingarm on my motorcycle. i forgot 2 dilute it and the stuff contains caustic and is butyl based and it reacted w/ the metal and left "stains" + "spots" everywhere i sprayed it. r there any products or methods that might b able 2 remove or hide these blemishes. the bike is brand new and really looks awful now...any help would b greatly appreciated

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    Maybe some flitz would remove it.


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        Flitz liquid/paste metal polish. It has an abrasive in it. Caswell sells it. If Flitz is not abrasive enough to remove the spots, a loose spiral sewn wheel with white compound should do the trick. Castrol Super Clean, right? Your worst case scenario with the Super Clean is that it ate through your clearcoat (If there was a clearcoat present) and tarnished the metal. If this is the case, you will have to strip the parts and rebuff. That probably didn't happen, but it is possible.


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          appreciate the help, marsfrogie. u sound like u really know what u r talkin' about. what do u think about me takin a couple of close-up pics and send them 2 ya? perhaps u could get a better idea of what i'm dealin' with. if not, i'll just try what u've already suggested. i've tried everything i could think of, so i'm open 2 anything. thanx again ...


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            That would be great. I can't tell you for sure if I will be able to tell you anything else, but pics always help. Just send them to my email. [email protected]