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  • Port polishing

    Want to know if you sell or maybe could suggest a tool to polish the intake and exhaust ports of cylinder heads. I presently use brake cyl. hones, but this is not very cost effective. Ideally, I would need a soft wire wheel with adrasive tips. This is a common procedure and there MUST be a tool for this. Dremel flap wheels do a great job, but do not get deep into the port. Thanks.

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    I use 320 grit flapper wheels and or cross buffs.I use a little WD-40 as a cutting fluid. If you use un mounted flapper wheels and the 4" mandrel you shouldn't have trouble getting to everthing. Cross buffs are made by standard abrasive and can be found at or . you can use the same madlrel for the cross buffs as the unmounted flapper wheels. Most people don't polish the intake ports, they keep it a satin finish. I get it shinny so I can see if there are any areas that I screwed up then I ruff it up with 240 sandpaper . I do try to get a mirrror finish on the exhaust port. It doesn't make any more power but it helps with carbon build up.


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      Thanks Joe, I will check into this.