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  • Prep work before chrome

    I Have a '65 F100 that I am restoring. I want to get the front grille chromed. currently, it is steel, I have attacted it w/ sand paper, sand blaster, paint stripper, etc. I have been trying to get out a couple of pits created by rust.
    I understand that the final chrome finish is only as good as the base finish. So, my questions are:

    Do I fill pits w/ solder?
    Do I need to finish w/ 600 grit paper?
    can I use my Tripoli bar and polish most of it? If I do, will it leave a residue that will affect the chroming process?
    How much of a flaw can the chroming prosses hide?
    I understand that copper will fill a bit, etc........

    Thanks for your help!

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    Filling the pits with solder is a good idea, then copper plate over the entire part. The copper is soft and easy to buff to a good shine.

    Yes, the compound will leave a wax residue that must be removed prior to plating. You can check if it's clean by performing the waterbreak test (detailed in the manual)

    The chrome plating process won't hide any flaws, but the copper plating process will, which is why it's used.
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      Thanks for clearing that up!


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        just remember solder is very soft. Be carefull when copper finishing over solder or the copper will blister.


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          So maybe I would be better off Brazing w/ a copper rod, and then sanding down flush....... THanks for your help!