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polishing wheels and compounds

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  • polishing wheels and compounds

    I'm buying a bench grinder and was going to order some suplies from this site, but I wanted to ask a few questions first.
    Is it ok to use greasless compounds on the loose cotton wheels? I know it's best to use the harder wheels but I need somthing that can get into tight places.
    I know to use one compound per wheel, but it looks like most greasless kits( other supliers) come with 2 or 3 compounds and one wheel. Can you use one wheel for several greasless compounds? Thank you

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    No. You can only use one compound per wheel.


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      I have heard that you can wash the wheels in soap and water. Not sure of how well it works though. Your compounds would only be as fine as the coarsest abrasive if you were not 100& sucessful in getting the old compound off.