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What to agent to use that won't dull my polished aluminum?

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  • What to agent to use that won't dull my polished aluminum?

    I've polished the intake manifold, throttle body, alternator, and valve cover on my car. All are cast aluminum/pot metal.

    It looks beautiful until the first time I attempt to clean/polish it. I tried the flitz liquid polish and mothers aluminum wheel polish, but each time I use it, it dulls the finish and I have to go over the parts again with the white blizzard compound.

    I will eventually clearcoat the parts, but until then what can I do? Thanks -Gabe

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    The best way is to just re polish it with flannel wheel and blue compound. This is the bad thing about aluminium you just can't get the shiny look only by cleening it, you have to repolish every time.


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      Recommended Aluminimum Cleaner... Met-All

      I use Met-All to polish vintage bicycle parts made of aluminium that results in a bright shine. Met-All is primarily used for cleaning the exteriors of aircraft, but is gentle enough for everyday use. Met-All is non an abrasive, it chemically reacts with the tarnish on the metal to remove it. It does not damage nor scar the metal in any way.

      I have used this product for over 25 years. It is available through SOME retail stores and the Internet, although I have not seen it in retail stores for some years.

      The contact info for Met-All is as follows:\

      Met-All Industries
      231 Locust Street
      PO Box 459
      Canal fulton, Ohio 44614

      Phone: 330-854-1122
      Fax: 330-854-1133

      Regards, Steve
      Cincinnati, OH


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        Polished Aluminum

        Ok, I am a total newbie. I'm 16 years old, and I am just getting into the whole metal polishing thing. I find it 'neat' and it makes a great hobby.

        I am getting into my first car-era, if you can relate.

        I have set plans to purchase my first car, in fact, tomorrow. It'll be a 1971 Datsun 510 2-door. (

        Most of the parts on that car, are, just as the guy above me posted - cast aluminum. The trim on the car, as well as just about everything in the motor - except for the block and oil pan, are, Cast Aluminum. I've been using some Tripoli for a finishing compound, with a standard buffing wheel, and it seems to be coming out great. I just finished my Valve cover, which is aluminum as well. It is, however, tarnishing VERY quickly, even in the clean environment that I have it in. I was wondering, what sort of polish I should use to keep it clean. I have been using Eagle One Mag Wheel and Aluminum polish, and it seems to be doing quite well. Should I use a polish that has a silicone in it, to keep it from tarnishing as fast? I was considering putting a copolymer paint sealant over it (sort of a very expensive wax... my mom is an RV Detailer) to keep it from getting water exposure.

        Also, I've noticed that the more I polish it, the more 'burn' marks show up. It looks like somebody heated the metal and then dropped oil on it, yo know? Has weird marks all over in the places that got EXTREMELY hot. The finish, is very brilliant, infact, near mirrored, however if you look at it at an angle, it looks like chemical burns. Anything I can use to keep that from happening?

        Also, is it safe to use regular compounds and Tripoli as a finishing compound on chrome surfaces such as a bumper or door-handle?


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          I am new to Alum polishing but have spent a lot of time with plastics.

          Looking over the site I spotted "High Temperature Coatings VHT Flameproof Coatings".

          In the past I have had some luck polish alum. and then clearcoating it. It kept it luster but it was not in a high temp area.

          Has anyone used the VHT product?


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            We've been recommending the VHT Clear Coat for years with really good results. It was the first VHT product that we ever stocked and we stocked it specifically for clearcoating aluminum.
            Mike Caswell
            Caswell Inc
            Need Support? Visit our online support section at


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              It feels good to be new and right


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                Anyone try Zoops seal?


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                  Originally posted by Ayrton
                  Anyone try Zoops seal?
                  Yep I love that product, I used it on all of the aluminum parts that I have polised for myself. I reccomend it to all of my customers with aluminum parts, the only drawback is the stuff costs 130 dollars to coat approxatamatly 30 square feet. If you do get it I suggest that you coat a whole bunch of parts at one time. That maximizes the longivitiety of the amount of Zoopseal you can use on extra parts in the future.