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Rust and pitting over steering column serial numbers.

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  • marsfrogie
    Your best bet would be to sandblast them and then leave them alone.

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  • Rust and pitting over steering column serial numbers.

    Hi, I own a 74 water buffalo. The frame is tubular steel. I'm having some success in sanding down a few bad areas on the frame, however, there is just a little bit of corrosion or pitting just ever so close to where the serial numbers are punched in at the steering column. I am curious if anyone knows what to do in order to obtain a smooth surface while also not having to take dimension off the numbering as it is very important not to tamper with these. Well...perhaps I'm not so sure about the last thing.

    I am fortunate that the pitting is not where the numbers lie, but rather it is very very close to them. As close as it gets you might say. With the little experience I have, I would think that the only solution is to sand down the entire area, but as we know this will affect the numbering. What I mean to ask is: Should I consider sanding down the area, thus achieving the desired surface, and THEN attempt to re-punch these numbers if ever I could find the tools used to punch them? (I'm thinking it would be nearly impossible to recreate the identical numbering.)

    Finally, should I just fill in the pitted areas and just leave the numbering as it is(seeing that it is just fine), and if so, how do I do that?

    Or better yet should I simply wait to see what this section will look like after sandblasting and new paint?

    Sorry about how long the message is!
    Thanks, Wessley.