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  • metal straightening

    Somewhere I learned that metal straightening was considered to be a finishing operation; so I hope someone can help solve my problem. We assemble 1000s of 4 inch diameter cans that are completed by cementing a wire mesh disk to retain the internals. The mesh disks are 4 inches in diameter, and are composed of 0.022 inch welded galvanized wire on a 0.24 inch mesh.

    The problen occurs during the punching operation to produce the 4 inch diameter disks. The wire undergoes uneven plastic deformation that results in potato chip like shapes. e.g. the X axis is cupped forward and the Y axis is cupped away from the plane of the disk. The problem is how to rapidly and cheaply straighten the disks. The cementing operation is greatly helped with dead flat disks with no shape memory.

    Metal rollers may be a solution, but I was not able to locate a small manual 5 mandrel (?) roller. Can anyone suggest a better way or a source of said roller?

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