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I need a durable dark finish for stainless.

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  • I need a durable dark finish for stainless.

    I need a durable dark finish for stainless steel. I?m not sure the exact type of stainless steel.


    I?ve got a stainless steel maille shirt that I ordered from Germany that way too shiny.

    I?d like to darken it up with something that isn?t going to rub off too fast. What products or process would work?

    What?s I?ve tried:

    I?ve tried to heat it up to darken it without much success. I put it in oven at 500deg for 2 hours and no change. Live flame caused an uneven coloring. The rings are .8mm thick and without a furnace they won?t color or darken evenly.

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    Stainless Steel Blackener 370

    An acidic liquid concentrate used full strength or diluted with up to 3 parts water to blacken stainless steel at room temperature. Recommended for color coding parts and blackening engravings on stainless steels. Produces a pleasing dark gray/black finish.

    Quantity Product Code Name Size Price
    PROD SSB370 Stainless Steel Blackener 370 16 fl oz $19.00

    Mike Caswell
    Caswell Inc
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      That sounds like just what I need. Thanks.

      How well will it handle abrasion? The nature of the maille in the shirt causes to constantly rub against itself. Will it hold up like gun blueing on mild steel?