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Does Glass bead cause silicosis or is it harmful?

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  • Does Glass bead cause silicosis or is it harmful?

    I currently blast with glassbead/alum oxide mix, and at times dont wear a respirator. Will the dust caused from either cause silicosis? Just a thought that popped into my head when it struck me glass itself is made of silicone, or so i think.....Any info towards this would be appreciated as i'd like to avoid dieing or getting sick

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    you just answered your own question with a deffinite yes,always wear one.



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      It is always a good idea to wear a respirator/dust mask any time you are sandblasting or glass bead blasting. It is a smart safety precaution anytime there is dust generation.

      As far as the silicosis, the answer is no. You will not get silicosis from glass bead blasting. Glass beads are in fact made from silicon. Silicon dioxide (SiO2) is the main ingredient in most glasses. Glasses are by definition amorphous, which means "no structure".

      Silicosis is caused by particles of crystalline (not glass) silicon dioxide that are small enough to bypass the "filter system" in our lungs. When the needle like particles get into the lungs they embed themselves in the tissue and the body's natural defense is to form scar tissue around the particles. This buildup of scar tissue leads to silicosis.

      Please wear a respirator/dust mask.



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        if that dose that to your lungs i hate to see what playsand dose ... i use it and i want to use a set up like a firefighter dose (scba).. i got the mask and a portable air tank plus the hood ... tom stated the harm from it .. the setup onlyhas one problem with it... it last 30-45min. then the tank need filled ... i sand blast in the open air i don't have a box ..


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          Yea, play sand is bad stuff. I posted this thread months and months ago, lol. Anyways, look around for coal slag at your local hardware stores. Same price as sand, and its safe. Just wear a dust mask and you're set.


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            Re: Does Glass bead cause silicosis or is it harmful?

            Hi Guys: I usually let you guys who are experts on most all things powder coated and have educated myself with it. But when it comes to sandblasting I consider myself an expert after 30 years in the trade, my company had a special truck manufactured wit a rotory screw compressor and a bag house suction unit for clean up so most of the time we would be right in the sand, we used smelter slag (black glassy stuff) most of the time but my doctor said to me one day "Ever heard of lung cancer?" just as bad as silicosis or whatever. I went right out and replaced my respirator with a full suit blower supplied fresh air unit. Boy am I smart and safe now, wrong In a check by our industrial health unit they found I had been breathing air laced with fibrouse asbestos, it was coming from the blower vanes, I replaced the blower and attempted to sue the mfg I am still waiting. So the moral of my story "You can never be safe enough!"