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Refinishing Metal Golf Club Heads

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  • Refinishing Metal Golf Club Heads

    Preface - In the last few years golf club Drivers & Fairway Woods have changed from wood heads to metal heads. Fairway Woods are usually made out of stainless steel and most Drivers are made out of Titanium.

    The clubs come from the factory with a beautiful painted finish and depending on the amount of play will soon become scratched and loose their desireability - not for play but just because they are so scratched up. Many are discarded prematurely for this reason

    My Question - I am a golf club repair hobbiest and would like to find an efficient way to dye (or otherwise refinish) the metal. I can take off the paint and polish the heads in preparation to refinish and do a great job. My problem is the finish. Re-painting is a royal pain. I think you would have to really be set up to do several heads (at least 10) at once to make it worthwhile and I only would be doing 1-3 at a time - also, masking the heads and keeping them dust free is very difficult for an amateur's garage type setup.

    By polishing the metal I can make them look great - even small nicks and scratches are removed. The problem is that very shiney metal isn't what a golfer wants because of the glare.

    Any suggestions? Two thoughts (1) the dye would have to color uniformly and (2) it would be great (but not required) that the dye color could be sharply masked.

    I think the most popular colors would be a graphite black and gun metal blue.