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  • Newbie needs pro advice

    I was hoping someone here can help me, I understand you guys are the pro's. I recently bought a set of vintage drums, they are wrapped with what I thought was chrome. I removed some rust spots, using a method I heard about, foil and coke, well, it left some fine scratches in the surface, which I then tried to buff out with a dual action polisher and some chrome polish, I guess I was too aggressive becuase it left dull spots in places.
    So, I went to a metal shop, they guy tells me the marterial is stainless steel, with a gloss finish, gives me a price to restore it.

    I then called some drum experts and I find out that these drums are a sort of steel (not stainless) which have a gloss protective coating on them. If I had the metal shop do the polishing he would have ruined the drum, so this is why I'm here.

    I was hoping you guys would tell me if I could spray some sort of product on this small area to bring the shine back without going through a strip job, its not that bad just a small area, thanks in advance, I'm in chicago if anyone on this forum lives near me would show it to you, gary