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Golf Clubs - How to remove nickel finish prior to refinishin

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  • Golf Clubs - How to remove nickel finish prior to refinishin

    Is there a simple and safe method for the removal of the nickel finish on a golf club prior to refinishing. The heads are carbon steel with a nickel plate layer and chrome as the top layer of finish

    For the use of a flash copper and nickel plate finish, I would think I need to get rid of the old nickel finish to get down to parent metal.

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    Anyone got an answer, Id like to know to-thanks


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      Try posting in electroplating. They should be able to help.


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        I believe pickle #1 (muratic) will remove the chrome, you make have to use the lead GP plates using pos on the club and neg on the GP. Use pickle #3 (sulfuric) to remove the nickle using the same method. If the nickle is in good condition, you could just activate the nickle with a 15 to 30 second dip in the pickle#3, rinse and either rechrome it or go straight to flash copper then nickle. I'm not sure if you can activate the nickle and nickle plate it directly or not, but the flash copper will stick to the nickle just as well as it does carbon steel.