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    > I have a client with an ar-15 stainless steel receiver. He says that
    the receiver has about .01\" of slop in the hole where the safety fits. His
    question to me was \"is there any way to plate a safety, build it up, and
    take up the tolerance and retain the brush or stainless steel (industrial)
    appearance.\" What do you suggest.
    > thanks,
    > Marvin Frith

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    The easiest, cheapest (in the long run) fix for his problem is to have a local machinist make him a new pin from scratch with a bigger neck to take-up the slop in the reciever.
    For such a small part (and given the hight price tag of the Colt), it would be money well spent.

    A quick fix, would be to use a cylindrical, spring steel snap ring as a shim. Trim it so it's just big enough to circle the part of the bolt that has play in the hole.