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Sand blasting VS glass beating?

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  • Sand blasting VS glass beating?

    yo im in the process of starting to powder coat and i have a few questions about sand blasting and glass beating. What exactily is the difference of them? I mean i know what they are and stuff but what is better for taking off dirt and making it extra extra clean? Also if i get a glass beater can i use the same gun for sand blasting? Say if i wanna remove paint from somthing what would i use? What would i use to clean the metal?

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    They will both work to strip paint. Sand does not give you the nice gray clean aluminum finish if you know what i mean. Parts tend to have kinda a yellow tint to them when you use sand. If your painting then it wouldn't matter anyway though.


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      Re: Sand blasting VS glass beating?

      I've heard not to glass-bead aluminum then try and powder-coat it as the glass shards/dust will get in any microscopic hole in the aluminum and screw up the powdercoating process..

      coal-slag on the other hand wont..

      I wonder what copper slag would do?
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