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Looking for others who have used Silvachrome

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  • Looking for others who have used Silvachrome

    Ok folks.... my area is powder coatings and general paints so I have a question for you guys now. I have some car parts (of my own, not clients) that I need to be "chromed" somehow. From what I read in the product listings and such....Silvachrome may be the way to go. The parts are somewhat rare on my cars ( one of them is a 1-of-300 remaining car) so I kind of need a home run on this one. One of the parts in question is the grille from a 1979 Chrysler 300. I was going to go with a shop that "chromes" plastic but I'd rather do it myself if nothing save for the fact costs involved. I CANNOT stress to you enough how I can't mess this up. The grill is very year and car specific and finding another one would be astronomical in price. We're talking at least $600 for a replacement on the one part alone! I'm very used to spraying technique for both liquid and powder alike. I have access to any kind of equipment professionally so that's not a problem either (yeah....pretty darn nice to be me in certain circumstances). My questions are as follows.....
    Does this product hold up to weathering with it's top coat process?
    Can minor pits and such be removed,augmented,filled and silvachrome still be applied? If so, what do I use as a filler?
    Can I use this process on grilles,tailight bezels and the like (hard plastic that will not flex) and reproduce that old car "chromed" look?
    What is used to mask surfaces that I don't want augmented by the process?
    Once the coating is applied, is it permanent and there's no way I can "trim" or remove it if I oversprayed or didn't mask correctly?

    I guess I'm just looking for people who have used the process itself and ANY advice that you guys may have. I'll more than likely buy the basic kit to play around with it on non-essential parts from time to time....but would it be viable to use on the parts that I need it instead of paying through the nose for a shop to do this for me? Again....I thank you in advance if you can answer one or all of these questions. Your opinion is valued,trust in this! Take care all.......Russ

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    Russ I found this picture on this site. it is a super bee dash done in the silvachrome. But that is all I have found out about.
    I'm still trying to track done some pictures of the Silvaspray.
    I geuss I'm guna brake down and buy some since it can be applied with a standard paint gun.


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      I just found this post. I think I'm going to call him this weekend. If you beat me to it, post what you find out.

      Here is the post.
      "I have a Silvachrome system for sale that has hardly been used. Includes all the chemicals, primer, topcoat, bottles and dual gun sprayer. Asking $110.

      Call me at 215-266-0868 or email me at [email protected]



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        found this post.


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          once again, another fine Caswell member to the rescue. I thank you for diggin those out for me..... Russ