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Bead blasting mask.

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  • Bead blasting mask.

    Hello All,

    I'm looking for a way to mask an aluminum part for bead blasting.
    I want to be able to blast detailed writing into the part.
    I have herd of a vinyl mask that can be cut into a stencle using a dot-matrix printer, does anyone know anything about this?


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    I don't know about the vinyl mask, but believe it or not.... I've always used electrical tape when I've needed to perform this function. Easily laid down enough and you can trim it with a razor blade to whatever design you wish (through putting a stencil letter on top available at your loacal art store or office supply store or a general "happy face" shape freehand if you will). I lay a patch of tape down and cut out what I need to cut out. Then I re-inforce the lettering or design by putting another layer on top of what I just did on top of where the tape exists still. Works quite well for surface modification for a single piece. Of course....if you need to go into production with more than just the one, I'm sure there's something out there along the lines of what you are thinking. Good luck with it,bud......Russ


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      Masking Bead Blast

      If you go to you will find some great products (Econoline blasters). Their number is PH: 1-616-846-4150. They have accessories for the kind of work you're doing, including stencils and adhesive materials. I could not find the products on the website, but I know they carry them. They sell kits for doing frosted glass, which is exactly the same process.



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        i don't think vinyl will work that good .. i use it to letter cars and even the heavy duty vinyl is thin.... plus it cost alot .. i think electrical tape is thick and i noticed that it has a high cut rate... and you use a plotter to cut it the dot matrix will not cut it... and the ink smears so you will not get a good line ... i tryed it when i started ... working with vinyl ...


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          There is a prodcut called Resist, it is made my 3M, and it is what you are looking for. It can be used to make wood signs, which it is usually sold as or advertised. I know TPtools sells it, but you may wanna look around.


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            I used to make "etched" mirrors and glass partitions way back when and used contact paper to mask off areas I didn't want blasted. The stuff is pretty thick, easy to cut with a razor blade and holds up well to the abrasives (as long as you don't go with a seriously aggressive media) It's sticky backed so you peel the backing and burnish it down good to get all the air bubbles out and ensure good contact.

            I used to get the stuff at a local Art supply store.. I don't recall who it was made by...


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              I just use plain old simple duct tape. I found that a single layer is more than enough even with my medium aluminum oxide abrasive. Just use an exacto knife to cut out the pattern you want.

              The good thing is that duct tape can be peeled off and applied again if you mess up. I knw that electrical tape does not stick that good once it is peeled off.

              I've been recently researching a "liquid" mask both for sandblasting and powder coating (able to withstand 400?F). If anybody knows of such a mask please let me know.