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Heater for Phosphoric Acid?

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  • Heater for Phosphoric Acid?

    Hello all, I'm a gunsmith in Missouri and have been making my own parkerizing solution for some time now and have dedicated tanks for the process. I've taken on a special project that requires a tank larger than I have so I've made a temporary PVC tank and thus I'd like to use submersible heaters. The mixture contains magnesium dioxide and phosphoric acid, so what heater would work for this application? I've read so far that phosphoric acid reacts with both ceramic and possibly with titanium, so is my only option a glass heater? Thanks for your time.

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    Re: Heater for Phosphoric Acid?

    Check, the sell a heater (TPR) model that has a teflonb coating, and polypropylene construction. 1-8kW models available