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Blasting onto a copychrome finish

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  • Blasting onto a copychrome finish

    I bought a copychrome kit to refinish some golf irons and the club face will need to be blasted after it's plated. If you look at any iron you can see what I mean. My understanding is that it's done after plating and not before. So, from reading here that sandblasting is sometimes done for REMOVING old chrome can someone tell me what I should use to safely blast it to get the flat finish you see on these things, and where I might look for it? I've got access to the equipment, I just need to pick up the stuff to run through it.[/i]

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    If you'd like a satin finish on the part, i would use a fine grit glass bead, at a very low pressure, just to give it some color. I'd use lets say a 220 or so grit glass bead, combined with a 1/4 nozzle at maybe 30-40 psi. This will remove the shine, but shouldnt remove the plating. Good luck.