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Electro etching stainless steel, HELP

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  • Electro etching stainless steel, HELP

    I am trying to get started doing electro etched designs on stainless sell cups such as the Yeti, Orca, Rtic type cups. I am using a vinyl cutter to make my stencils. I have run a few tests and figured out the basic idea of it all. I have tried using Q-tips, cotton balls and cuts from a cotton T-shirt with pretty equal results from each material. I am using a mixture of salt water and vinegar, 1 cup water, I tablespoon salt and an unmeasured amount of vinegar since I can't find anything to suggest the appropriate amount of vinegar to add to my mixture. Currently probably using about a tablespoon or 2 tho, just a guess. I am trying to get a nice frosty whitish etch for my designs, I am having some discoloring issues tho, a bit of unevenness and some brownish stain in my etching. I am using an automotive battery charger for my power source set on 12 volts and I have tried different amperage settings, does anyone have any idea what might be causing my staining issue? To high amperage, etching to slowly and letting heat build up, cotton too wet or to dry, too much vinegar, not enough vinegar, or perhaps using my applicator for to long after it has become stained? Any advise will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

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    Welding is better option I think as welding provided great strength or you need an expert opinion.