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Sealer / Topcoat for Zinc Plate with Caswell Blue chromate conversion coating?

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  • Sealer / Topcoat for Zinc Plate with Caswell Blue chromate conversion coating?

    Hello fellow platers!

    I understand clear/blue chromate has the weakest performance among chromates for zinc (less than 100hs), but I need to stay true to the original look of the parts I am restoring. But I've read that there are sealers/topcoats that extend the hours to white/red rust to hundreds of hours (one even claimed 1000 hrs).

    When I contact companies that make them (Pavco, Accu-Labs, etc.) they decline to sell to me because I am not part of the 'industry' (i.e., not a pro). Is there a way around this? Does anybody sell a sealer/topcoat to the public? Or could any of you kindly share some (for $ of course)?

    It seems these sealers are proprietary, but if any of you can share a DIY formula, I'll really appreciate it. Many thanks in advance.



    *feeling stumped*
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    Funny, but I found my own answer literally minutes after posting my original question--and after having looked around for days prior to my posting. I guess Murphy's Law can work for you sometimes.
    EPI sells 8oz samples directly from its website.

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