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Refinishing kitschy souvenirs?

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  • Refinishing kitschy souvenirs?

    I'd like to repair and refinish some old items, but I need to know what the finish is first, to replicate it.

    Often seen in kitschy souvenirs, but also on higher grade castings of "spelter" (zinc, pot metal, white metal...). It has a copper or bronze plating look, often with dark shadows... not sure if this is chemically applied, or a paint wash? It's intended to simulate a bronze casting. Example below.

    Next question: The old items look like they've been left outside for ages... the coating has failed, and "white rust" (zinc oxide) has formed in splotches. I'm sure I could blast the parts down to base metal, but want to avoid roughing up the remaining good surfaces, which were likely created in a metal mold.
    So, any chemicals that are good at dissolving zinc corrosion without destroying the zinc part?
    Perhaps the remaining copper/bronze plating will help protect those uncorroded areas?

    Example item