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Electroless plating kit questions

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  • Electroless plating kit questions

    Hi there,

    We bough the small electroless kit the other day and before getting started I would like to know if this kit contains the type of nickel that is best for corrosion resistance, as corrosion protection is what we are merely interested to achieve with this experiment. I have read in an article the following:

    "Getting the Maximum Electroless Nickel Corrosion Resistance:
    There are many options for plating with electroless nickel. Corrosion resistance can best be achieved when using a nickel-phosphorous alloy, while being sure to choose the appropriate level of phosphorous coating that pertains to the nature of the corrosive environment."


    My question is: In this kit that we bought from Caswell plating, I was unable to identify the breakdown of the nickel compound from the label. Is this compound based with a nickel-phosphorous alloy? If so, what would be the appropriate level of phosphorous coating that pertains to the nature of stainless steel 316L?


    (By the way, that book in the kit seems like being of an exceptional quality reference, I'm very impressed...)

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    Our Electroless Nickel kit is 5-7 percent phosphorus
    Jason Vanderbroek
    315 946 1213 x116


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      I have a query that when i do electroless plating on metal so by the formula i get best results but when i use the same formula/solution composition on plastic coated with copper so due to temperature used in formula that is too high around 90 degree centigrade , plastic gets pits.
      What should i do if i want to set temperature low as 30-40 degree centigrade with the same composition?

      Waiting for positive response.