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Plug 'n plate Copy chrome uneven finish?

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  • Plug 'n plate Copy chrome uneven finish?

    ?Click image for larger version

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    Hi guys I wonder if you can help me with a problem I am having with my Copy chrome kit?

    I cannot get results better than this (see jpg)?

    This 3" long pice of brass is mottled and not a smooth consistent finish
    The job appears perfectly prepped, but as I start wiping the wand over the brass, odd patches and shapes appear in a slightly different (dusty looking) tone

    I'm hoping your experience will enable you to recognise the problem straight away.
    I, unfortunately after 3 failed plating attempts and 6 wasted hours am left scratching my head as to what's going wrong.

    I'm thinking it might be contamination but can''t work out at what point and how?

    Thanks for any help!


    PS. In case i've missed something this is what I've been doing

    Cut and polish brass to white compound finish.

    Wash job with meths and a small paintbrush

    Wash job with Jif and a small plastic toothbrush

    Wash off Jif with water

    Wash job with distilled water and paintbrush

    Attach clean bandage to S.S.wand.

    Pour a small amount of Copy chrome into a small dish

    Connect the crocodile clip to the job and start rubbing in brisk circles

    The job seems to plate nicely but odd patches soon become apparent as I move along the job?