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Using a vibratory tumbler to refinish stainless golf clubs?

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  • Using a vibratory tumbler to refinish stainless golf clubs?

    I understand that stainless steel golf clubs are generally finished at the factory using a vibratory tumbler. Does anyone know:

    - if a vibratory tumbler could be used effectively to RE-finish used stainless steel golf clubs (i.e. to remove small dents and fine scratches)

    - if so, what the process might entail (e.g. number of steps, media and approximate tumble time for each)

    - whether or not you could tumble multiple heads (and if so, how many) at a time ... (I don't know anything about tumblers, but it seems like the heads might dump into each other, causing more dents than the tumbling process removes!)

    Any help is appreciated ...


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    mass finishing

    What media you use determines the results you get from any mass finishing system. Golf clubs can be worked and polished; however, one needs to know what media to use and this depends on how rough the surface is. Any indentation greater that .010 will probably require a rough ceramic shape composition media on SS in a wet deburring process. You may them have to go to a fine composition ceramic. Brightness can be restored with burnishing media, but smoothness is better with treated dry organic media.