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Cleaning aluminum in an ultrasonic cleaner, need a cleaner

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  • Cleaning aluminum in an ultrasonic cleaner, need a cleaner

    I clean old model airplane engines. The engines are made of aluminum, steel and brass. I deal with baked on caster oil (black and hard). I like to use my ultrasonic cleaner, I've tried several cleaners in the tank with mixed results. I have to be careful not to harm the aluminum surface finish or darken it. As an old mechanic I used Kleen Flo carburetor and metal parts cleaner and it works fantastic but my gawd does it stink up the shop, your clothes etc. So I'm looking for a more friendly cleaner. What are you folks recommending?

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    We offer an aluminum De greaser that would work very well in an ultrasonic as long as it is heated.
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      You have a very interesting hobby, where do you get this old model airplane engines? I have a similar hobby, but I think you are more professional. I think like this because, when I need to clean some of details I hadn't any idea how I could do that. My grandfather said I can't do it by myself, because it's hard and I do not have to damage any of the pieces. . So, I was searching a lot of time a company that can help me and I founded . I hope I helped you somehow, because when I was searching I couldn't find out anything well qualified.
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