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  • Black Oxide kit questions...

    Well I got my Black Oxide kit yesterday but I am a little confused about its use, and I am sure my questions are a little dumb! I was going to mix up the solution but I have never used this product before and was wondering if I should mix up all the concatenate at once? or do you only mix up what you need for each time you use it? If you mix it all up, how long does it last mixed? Does it go bad after a while of not getting used? I don't want to mix it all in if its only to be used once.

    Also my kit came with the penetrating sealer and I was wondering if it dries out, or evaporates at all? Thanks for helping a newbie and hopefully I get a reply on this forum as I never get emails back from Caswell with my questions. Not sure what thats about.

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    Once the Concentrate is Diluted it will last a long time, keep it sealed when not in use and do not let it freeze, The Sealer will also last a long time as well, if it is sealed tight and not frozen.
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      Thanks for the quick reply. I was just wondering if you guys had trouble with your emails? Like I said in my first post I emailed you to get some more info on the kit and got no reply. I did find my answer after googling it for a few hours.