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question about restoring a zinc dichromate surface

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  • question about restoring a zinc dichromate surface

    I am not sure if this is a good place to post this.... I spend my leisure time restoring old pinball machines and I want to move towards doing a better job of it. I currently have a 1965 machine and the brackets that hold the parts are zinc dichromate I think (there is a rainbow effect on the surface).

    The parts are not in terribly bad condition but I would like to make them look like new if I can. Is there an easy way to restore them or is the only solution to get a blasting cabinet, media-blast them down to bare metal, pick up a zinc plating kit and put a new finish on them? Does Caswell have a kit?


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    These parts are Zinc plated with a yellow Chromate.
    Jason Vanderbroek
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      Try to wash with High Octane. I think the black spot will vanishes if you wash it with high octane.